How to buy our NFT

Step 1

Use the link provided only in official Aquaris channels.

Step 2

Once your wallet is connected press “Make Offer” button

Step 3

Confirm the terms by selecting dedicated box

Step 4

Once the terms agreed upon select DAI as the method of payment in the drop-down menu

Step 5

Enter the quantity of NFTs you wish to purchase
Note the MINIMUM PRICE for 1 AQS IDO NFT is 100 DAI
The offer of less than 100 DAI per 1 NFT will be rejected

Step 6

Once “Make offer” button selected the window will pop up with Offer Confirmation

Approval should be signed in your wallet

Step 7

After approval signed a confirmation notice will be shown

Now you can see your offer made in “Offers” section

Step 8

Aquaris team will be notified once the offer comes through. If the offer meets the requirements the team will accept it and your NFT will appear in your profile.

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