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The world has for centuries relied on a healthy sea for food and incomes. It is both a treasured resource and a place for leisure.

Our Initial Business: Sustainable Aquaculture

AQUARIS modernises and optimises the fish product industry with blockchain technology. 

Our first business and therefore use case is a pre-existing fish factory in the crypto friendly country of Estonia. AQUARIS merges fish processing and production with blockchain technology to simplify operations, increase profitability, and offer you a unique opportunity you won’t find anywhere else. We combine modern technologies to bring the fish processing industry into the 21st century.


AQUARIS token is at first based on the growth of our established fish manufacturing business, and later gaining value as we modernize water-themed verticals.

solar power

Our fish manufacturing process is based on green energy, with excess energy sold into the local powergrid for profit.

crypto mining

During processing, excess heat generated from crypto mining will be re-used in the production process.


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Seafood is the largest traded food commodity on Earth and 80% of that is derived from exploited marine resources.

Billions depend on it

Three billion people in the world rely on wild-caught and farmed seafood as a primary source of protein.

Strong Demand

The global demand for seafood consumption is 143.8 million tonnes per year. 

$166 billion in annual export value

From 2015-2018, the value of fish and fishery products exported worldwide came to be about $166 billion U.S. dollars.

A Green Solution With Crypto Mining

At AQUARIS, we have developed a proprietary fishery model designed to have as little impact on nature as possible.
We have examined modern waste minimization strategies, as well as the implementation strategies, so as to bring fish processing into the 21st century.
For instance, in order to dry the fish, we will use the excess heat from a state-of-the-art crypto mining facility. By directly integrating crypto into our operations, we can dampen concerns around environmental degradation due to current methods of fish processing.
A fish processing plant partly powered by cryptocurrency miner is merely one of AQUARIS’ unique solutions. We have prioritized this business due to its local nature and the short period of time it will take for this venture to get off the ground.
By powering our facility with solar panels, we have drastically reduced the cost of mining. Getting rid of the hefty electric bill which usually undermines mining operations allows us to increase our profit.
Mining operations with the tools and resources to be able to set up solar-powered rigs in the desert are finding to be a good investment. Once the solar panel system is paid off, the cost of mining is virtually free. Getting rid of a hefty electric bill which typically weighs down mining operations leaves more room for profit.

Earn Annual Yield

AQUARIS token is to be backed by a real, profit-earning business

Three billion people in the world rely on wild-caught and farmed seafood as a primary source of protein.
The tokens you hold are backed by the fish industry manufacturing process and the traceability benefits of blockchain, green energy production, and cryptocurrency mining farms.
Users may choose to donate a percentage of their annual yield to charity and AQUARIS would match that 1 for 1.
We want to give the world a chance to share profits. Blockchain makes that possible.

Aquaris token

AQS 130,000,000 - Private Round 26%
AQS 20,000,000 - Public Round 4%
AQS 100,000,000 - DEX Listing 20%
AQS 40,000,000 - Team 8%
AQS 30,000,000 - Development & Ops 6%
AQS 30,000,000 - Marketing 6%
AQS 100,000,000 - Company Reserves 20%
AQS 50,000,000 - Holding Rewards 10%


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