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Andrei Paluhhin

Acting CEO and Co-Founder of AQUARIS

Andrei has vast experience in the sea industry after working as a ship engineer for more than 10 years. His background includes shipping, engineering, port, and ship management.

After researching more about crypto while at sea, he moved to work in the crypto industry and has worked on several crypto projects for five years.

Aleksander Tervo

COO and Co-Founder of AQUARIS

Alex came from an IT background and began his career in data management. He first became interested in crypto and blockchain when he joined one of the most prominent peer-to-peer crypto startups in 2017. where he established and grew global teams.

He, later on, became Head of Support and moved on to work in the Compliance Department.

Dmitri Moskiv

Communications Lead and Co-Founder of AQUARIS

Starting my career in the Oil and Gas industry, I was constantly dealing with the latest state-of-the-art technology. Working closely with major players revealed problems with centralization factors within structures across the board, causing a lack of efficiency in day-to-day operations. That is when I discovered blockchain tech that allows to tackle difficulties observed. I decided to look deeper into this innovative idea and remained in the space ever since.



Engineer with more than 5 years of experience in
technology. A true enthusiast who loves to get into the heart of technology. He knows more than 10+
programming languages and works with 6 of them. Develops highly loaded enterprise services from scratch. He has been actively developing his expertise in blockchain technology for about a year.


Community Manager Specialist

Karen began her career in web 3 through facilitating a community of data entries for a project involving artificial intelligence. She then changed her focus to business development for a P2E project coming from one of the prospective L1 blockchains. Eventually, together with a team of great minds, she spearheaded a DAO vertical in terms of creative strategy, governance and intercultural communications.

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