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Introducing AQUARIS: A Business Token For The Water Century

Seafood is the most popular food commodity being exchanged in today’s globalized marketplace. The sea is our source of food and money; both are needed to sustain our daily lives. However, a high tradability is linked with high demand and current processes that cannot keep. Innovative solutions are required to stay up with shifting dietary patterns.

Fish processing methods have been stagnant in their modernization, wherein traditional methods are still being used in today’s developing times. Consequently, this means with a growing populace of people demanding seafood, suppliers frequently fail to deliver.

Fisheries have become nearly entirely reliant on consumer-serving businesses. While the system functions satisfactorily, it faces the drawbacks of centralized models. Because companies compete with constrained collaboration, a completely comprehensive approach is not feasible. This, in turn, means a lack of transparency which investors need to look out for.

AQUARIS’ solution is blockchain technology

AQUARIS integrates blockchain into the fish product industry, which streamlines operations while increasing profits with the addition of transparency to the process.

This is done by first bringing core business together — distributors, fish processing facilities, certifiers, and start-ups concerning seafood and water products — to minimize the impact on nature.

Next, our fish production process is powered by renewable energy, with surplus energy sold for profit into the local power system. We will substantially lower the cost of mining by using solar panels to power our facilities. We can enhance our yield by eliminating the high electric expense that usually cripples mining companies. Moreover, excess heat from crypto mining will be re-used in the manufacturing process during processing. One example of how this will be done is using the surplus heat from our cutting-edge crypto mining operation to dry the fish.

The AQS Token

Our native token, AQS, will be used in the businesses in which Aquaris invests. The AQUARIS native token, AQS, is a discount token for businesses, meaning holders receive permanent discounts on services in the AQUARIS ecosystem.

The seafood and water sectors will use AQUARIS as a conduit. Our strategy focuses on market participants to satisfy specific requirements. Doing so allows both private users and businesses to earn recurring staking benefits from investments in fishing and water enterprises that are currently running and thriving.

This simple token promotes responsible growth, alleviates regulatory hurdles, increases transparency, and successfully corresponds to incentives among all stakeholders.

The AQS token will be limited to 500,000,000, helping cover the costs of becoming a participant on AQUARIS while also assisting in the growth of our organization. Because the discount can only be actualized by using AQUARIS products and services, cumulative rewards to active AQS holders surpass those to passive token holders.

In other words, AQUARIS users come first, ahead of investors and speculators.


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