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Building the AQUARIS Community

A community is essential for giving everyone a sense of purpose and helps attain big and long-term goals and build a better future. As social beings, it is in our nature to find strength in numbers. Within a strong community, every person comprehends the significance of each other’s actions and how valuable it is to have an impact on everyone involved. It is also advantageous to belong to a community as it provides a chance for individuals to learn and give guidance and assistance to one another. It allows collaboration which in turn fosters a sense of connection, growth through collective learning, experience, trust-building, and innovation. 

For us, the AQUARIS team: 

We believe in the importance of community and are why the very foundation of how AQUARIS works is through collaboration and innovation. We are grateful to the community we currently have and have our sights set on further growth to attain the best possible outcome, not just for those involved but for the rest of the world.

We talked a little more about ourselves, the project, and how to get involved in various communities like Kriptobi and TheGemHunters. Our co-founders Alex and Andrei talked about how AQUARIS incorporates blockchain into the fish product business, streamlining operations while improving revenues. This is accomplished by first gathering together core businesses to ultimately reduce environmental effects and having a community of individuals with similar interests and ambitions to work towards these common goals. 

As you know, the AQUARIS strategy is divided into three stages. The first is the modernization of fish processing plants allowing the sale of fish products abroad and forming collaborations outside the EU, particularly in Africa and Asia. The second is to increase the factory's usage of solar energy as a source of energy. The third is to employ crypto and mining operations to generate more cash for the company while also ensuring that excess heat from miners is reused for an environmentally friendly process. 

We can't stress enough how valuable our community is and how essential it is for current members to encourage those who haven't yet joined the AQUARIS community to do so and learn more about the project. So, we launched our Early Adopter's Program to provide the finest rewards to early adopters and increase the number of members of our community.

Join the Early Adopters Program

The Early Adopters Program is a means to bring all of our early users together to provide them with future rewards. Individuals who join the Early Adopters Program will have numerous benefits, including exclusive early release versions of the AQUARIS platform and the opportunity to be involved with the AQUARIS team. 

All you need to do to be part of such an exciting program is to do the following: 

  • Become a member of our Telegram group
  • Invite a friend to join the community
  • Follow our Twitter Account
  • Retweet our pinned tweet
  • Connect with us on LinkedIn.

You will also have access to these rewards: 

  • 1000 $AQS for the first 500 
  • 750 $AQS for the next 300
  • 500 $AQS for the last 200

After the AQUARIS platform is live, the allotted $AQS token incentives will be awarded. This can be collected once you have signed up on the platform when it debuts.

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