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The advantages of AQS token

At the heart of every cryptocurrency ecosystem, there is a token that helps keep the entire company running, connects products into a single decentralized financial system, and acts as a store of value.

At the heart of the Aquaris ecosystem is the native AQS token. It functions as a discount token, meaning holders earn perpetual discounts on Aquaris services. The token itself brings a number of benefits to the holders. Let's look at them closer.


AQS holders receive discounts. An AQS holder’s discount is equivalent to a revenue or free royalty. This straightforward token archetype fosters responsible development, assuages regulatory concerns, drives greater transparency, and effectively aligns incentives between all participants. AQS design incentivises early adoption so that non-token holders can still access a certain product while not receiving the discount without the token.

Real value

The simple AQS token has profound implications for an economy where passive investors and speculators find themselves at an economic disadvantage for non-use. AQS is more economically valuable to users, including stakers, than passive, discouraging unhealthy price dynamics. AQS is more akin to property, such as residential real estate, than an investment like a stock.

AQS provides value from holding, as well as from use by offering savings on different products and services. It functions as a share in the active use of the software, with value drawn from and realized by its use. AQS tokens are not invalidated when used. Rather, participants still hold them, and enjoy perks which increase over time so as to promote holding the token. AQS commercial holders receive increasing discounts the more they use the platform or the more discount tokens they acquire.

Growing value

If a utility token fluctuates in price, participants might be tempted to speculate on price. Therefore, AQS disincentives users from speculation by incentivising users to hold the token to gain benefits of the Aquaris network, as well as from the token’s increased value as the network.


Aquaris offers the world's first staking based on a real product has been developed with the AQS token.

The Staking Pool will allow verified private and commercial users to earn with crypto, get discounts while using AQS and earn staking rewards. The Staking Pool offers staking rewards up to 15 percent per year and a combined reward up to 25%. These are four staking levels based on the amount staked.

Because staking is based on real business, users do not have to worry about their tokens depreciating while they are staking.


Thus, the AQS token provides its owners with a number of advantages compared to cryptocurrencies of other projects. However, perhaps the most important thing about AQS is its reliability. Often, most cryptocurrencies are not backed by anything, and AQS is backed by the real business.

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